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New buildings apartments repair features

Buying property in a new building is the goal of almost every young person. However, the costs do not end with the purchase of the real estate, because you still have to repair it. And including the fact that apartments in the new buildings are completely empty, you will have to take care of the entire range of work, from plastering the walls to bringing in furniture.

Renovation in a new apartment is a chore and at the same time an interesting thing, which will help to visually hide external errors and demonstrate the advantages of the new layout. The general style, functionality, and ergonomics of the apartment depending on the quality of the work done by the craftsmen. Therefore, choosing a repair team should be approached with particular seriousness.


Before the beginning, prepare the premises. You should start by finding out what year your house was built. A “young” new building in the first years after the end of construction is prone to cracks in the walls, which often happens in monolithic frame structures.

Shrinkage, low-quality materials used during construction, poorly executed work, and the ever-increasing load that occurs during the period of repair work in each apartment of the building lead to cracks. In order to avoid problems and serious financial losses in the future, it is necessary to minimize possible damage. To do this, the renovation of still empty apartments begins with the following:

  1. early preparation of expansion joints along the perimeter of the floor in each room;
  2. gluing of vertical surfaces with facade film (its density should vary from 120 to 140 g/m2).

It is also not recommended to use expensive finishing materials in the first couple of years after the construction of the building. It is better to use tension structures for ceilings, bamboo wallpaper for walls, and a screed for the floor (it should be separate in each room).

Overhaul of apartments in new buildings

In order to get high-quality repairs in a new building in Lviv, it is worth contacting specialists, because turnkey capital reconstruction means the completion of absolutely all stages of work that are necessary to create a full-fledged and functional home.

High-quality repair of apartments in a new building requires:

  • carrying out electrical installation works;
  • conducting plumbing works;
  • working with plasterboard;
  • production of screed;
  • lay tiles;
  • laying the floor;
  • filling and plastering of walls and ceiling;
  • pasting with wallpaper or painting the walls;
  • frame structures installation;
  • plumbing and electrical equipment installation ;
  • windows and doors installation .

And don’t forget about unloading work, delivery of necessary materials, and cleaning construction debris.

The execution of all works must take place in the correct sequence, then it will not be necessary to redo all previously performed stages.

The correct order of work:

  • design creation;
  • electricity and water supply;
  • if necessary, dismantling works;
  • walls/ceiling/floor alignment;
  • creation of partitions between rooms;
  • electricity and pipelines (water and sewage) separation;
  • filling;
  • laying tiles;
  • plumbing installation;
  • door installation;
  • decorative works;
  • work with light.

After the completion of these works, you can bring in and arrange the furniture.

Completion of all stages of repair works will be on time only if the craftsmen work together and purchase building materials in a timely manner. Therefore, an acceptable budget is drawn up in advance.

If customers want to speed up the repair of apartments in new buildings, then it is necessary:

  • make sure in advance that the house has access to water, sewage, and electrical lines;
  • discuss the nuances of design and project solutions with employees;
  • prepare a place for building materials;
  • buy the necessary raw materials for each subsequent stage in advance.

By hiring a qualified team, you can entrust the purchase of raw materials to them, so you will save your own time and energy.

The repair works cost

The most important question that worries most owners of living space in a new building is how much will the repair cost. The answer is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. After all, many factors affect the price:

  • experience, status and versatility of the contractor;
  • currency exchange rate at the time of ordering services;
  • market value of the works performed during the period of housing arrangement.

According to experts, a complete European renovation of an apartment in a new building can cost the owners approximately 25-30% of the cost of the living space. The price of repairs in Lviv will be at least 3-5 thousand hryvnias for each square meter. But you should not hope that the repair yourself will cost you less, because only a professional will be able to perform each stage of the required work with high quality.

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