Turnkey apartment renovation
Repair of apartments and houses in Lviv

Apartment renovation in Lviv

Repair work of apartments in Lviv is specific and has some features that are related to the location of the housing and its historical value.

What kind of repair can be done? It all depends on the vision and possibilities of the owner of the apartment. Owners of both spacious premises and small dwellings can order the performance of cosmetic repairs

as well as major or elite repairs, regardless of which part of the city the apartment is located – new or historical.

The price of services for the reconstruction or creation of a design can vary within a fairly wide range because it includes many criteria.

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Stages of repair work

Any repair work is the improvement and modernization of the premises, it can be divided into several different models. You can tear down the walls and create a cozy studio apartment, or divide a spacious room into several small ones. Usually, the redecoration of apartments in Lviv includes several stages:

  • budgeting;
  • preparation of all surfaces for processing;
  • replacement of sockets, switches, distributors (if necessary);
  • working with walls: painting and pasting with wallpaper, tiles, or other decorative material;
  • ceiling trim;
  • restoration or installation of new flooring.

If the repair work in the apartment needs a deeper intervention, then the owner should consider options for major reconstruction and take into account its specifics, because there are many more stages in this process. In this case, the usual cosmetic work includes:

  • re-planning of housing area;
  • installation of windows, doors (interior, entrance);
  • replacing communications;
  • reconfiguration of premises, zoning.

The cost of repairing an apartment in Lviv in this case is growing, but the result of the work carried out is impressive. An overhaul is one of the most popular types of services because it allows the transformation of housing and brings the interior as close as possible to the wishes of the owner.

If the budget allows the complete refurbishment of housing, then you should think about European-style renovation, or, as it is also called, an elite renovation of an apartment. Where to start in this case? From drawing up a design project and estimates, as well as choosing materials. Apartments with European-quality renovation are all about individuality and style, unique charm, and comfort. The cost of repair work at the European level is high, but it is fully justified. An apartment delivered on a turnkey basis does not require any additional investments and actions from the owner; you can live in it immediately after the contractor has commissioned the object.

Restoration of premium-class premises is the best solution when buying real estate in the historical part of the city. The decoration of such apartments requires an exclusive approach to creating a holistic image of the house, which combines the advantages of using modern technologies and the elegance of an architectural monument.

What affects the cost of a repair?

Apartment renovation prices are one of the most pressing issues that concern every homeowner. What is the estimate and is it possible to minimize costs?

The first thing that affects the total cost of work is the type of service chosen. Cosmetic repairs will cost much less than the creation and implementation of an individual project, but in this case, the total costs depend on the volume of reconstruction and the price of the materials used. When creating an exclusive design project, the cost increases several times, because premium quality building materials are used for this.

Renovation of elite-level apartments also contains projects of designers and architects. Without this, creating a personal image will not be easy. The calculation of costs is carried out taking into account the prices for the performance of work:

  • dismantling of communications, partitions;
  • installation of floor and ceiling structures; creation of podiums, elevations, niches;
  • number of wiring exit points;
  • delivery of building materials;
  • construction waste disposal;
  • registration of permits;
  • taking into account the cost of finishing materials.

Repair prices are more visible already at the initial stage of project creation and budgeting. You can reduce the cost of repairs if you turn to professionals for help. Typically, the services of companies specializing in the implementation of complex of repair work are cheaper than the prices of individual specialized contractors.

Features of turnkey apartment renovation

Repair of apartments on a turnkey basis is a service that involves one company and a team of craftsmen. On a turnkey basis, you can make both cosmetic and major, as well as European-quality repairs. Its peculiarity lies in the conclusion of the contract and the creation of an act of work performed. Due to the fact that the execution is carried out by one company, the price of finishing the apartment will be lower by about 15%.

Turnkey apartment renovation has the following advantages:

  1. Savings: not only financial but also your own time, because the company will independently select the material and workers who will be able to perform a range of works throughout the entire area of ​​​​the apartment;
  2. Profitability: prices per square meter of finishing will be lower because complex work is carried out on housing, which is considered as a purchase of wholesale work from one contractor;
  3. Simplicity: this service is affordable and simple, helps to reduce the time to search for certain specialists;
  4. Simultaneity: craftsmen work simultaneously throughout the entire area of ​​the apartment, repairs are carried out in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and other rooms immediately;
  5. Complexity: the contractor company will be able to perform both major and turnkey cosmetic repairs due to the presence of a painter, plasterer, electrician, plumber, and others;
  6. Professionalism: major and European renovation of the apartment is carried out using high-quality and modern equipment;
  7. Speed: by performing work on the entire area at once, the update is completed much faster.

It should be considered that a turnkey repair involves choosing one company that will deal with it from start to finish. Therefore, it is important to order the planning of your home from professional firms, such as NVB Architects.

Renovation of apartments and cottages on a turnkey basis from NVB Architects-Studio

The NVB Architects-Studio team offers residents of the city of Lviv and its regions the opportunity to carry out high-quality repairs of apartments and mansions.

Among our advantages it is worth noting:

  • Use of modern materials and technologies in work;
  • The ability to perform preliminary visualization of mansions and premises at the request of the client;
  • Drawing up a formal contract with the client;
  • Comprehensive implementation of all technical work;
  • Control at all stages;
  • Fast implementation of any ideas.

With us, it is easy to implement even the most extraordinary ideas, because we have a large number of specialists to realize them. In addition to basic and cosmetic, we carry out complex works and restoration of premises and buildings, work with electricity, plumbing and other things. Even if you need to change the layout of your own home, we will help you with this and guarantee an unsurpassed result!

What types of property repairs we provide:

  • Redecoration: The simplest jobs that have a low cost and do not require a lot of materials. Such apartment renovation is the fastest since it consists of correcting a small number of defects and visually improving housing. Cosmetic repairs can include replacing baseboards, painting walls, changing tiles in the kitchen, etc.
  • Major repairs are high-volume professional work at a significant cost. The overhaul of apartments in Lviv is a radical change in the appearance of the premises. Dismantling of old finishing materials is carried out, leaving only bare walls. Leveling of floor and wall surfaces, expansion of the area due to the demolition of partitions, etc. can be carried out.
  • Renovation: this name hides professional works from masters, quite similar to cosmetic repairs. The basis of European-quality renovation of apartments is visual improvement and bringing housing under European standards. High-quality and natural material is purchased, which has a high cost. Professional craftsmen and designers are involved in the renovation to make the space functional, safe, and comfortable.

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