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Today, high-quality services of an architect are in demand, and Lviv is no exception. NVB Architects-Studio offers a full range of architectural design services in Kyiv and other cities. Our specialists will help realize all your wishes and dreams. We think over every detail in accordance with all the wishes of the client, which allows us to implement any creative ideas. An important feature is that our architect services are not a price list of ready-made standard house projects. NVB Architects-Studio designs only for individual orders, and photos of completed works are presented on the website.
In our opinion, template projects do not reflect the individuality of the client, do not always meet the needs of a specific family, and often require re-planning and refinement. That’s why our architect services provide for the design of exclusively individual solutions – without templates and with strict adherence to DBN. Thus, the finished house will be not only unique but also technically competent.

You can order the following services:

Architectural design and reconstruction of civil private buildings

from $8/m2

In addition, NVB Arсhitects-Studio takes responsibility for the following:

  • quality of project implementation;
  • observance in the project of all state building regulations of Ukraine;
  • consultation on further issues after the approval of the project by the mandatory authorities.

Architect services

We offer you to order an architect service at NVB Architects-Studio. On the website, you can see photos of completed projects. We work throughout the country – in Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Ternopil, and other cities.

We will be glad for your feedback and comments. We are grateful for your interest in us. We should also note that our partners are engaged in construction, installation, and finishing works.

A detailed description of architectural design stages

Sketch project

1. The sketch of building intentions consists of the following parts:

  • general data;
  • scheme of the general plan;
  • floor plans;
  • facades;
  • sections;
  • roof plan;
  • demonstration materials.

Architectural and construction solutions

2.1 Architectural solutions – the AS section includes:

  • general data on the project;
  • floor plans;
  • scheme of engineering networks;
  • roof plan;
  • laying plans;
  • sections;
  • nodes and details;
  • facades;
  • wall sweeps;
  • ventilation ducts and chimneys;
  • floor specification;
  • scheme of placement of roof elements.
  • knowledge of slot filling.
  • facade equipment passport.

2.2 Architectural solutions – the AS section includes:

Building structures

3. The structural section – the BS includes:

  • general information on the project;
  • scheme of placement of foundations;
  • sections;
  • scheme of arrangement of floor slabs;
  • monolithic belts;
  • scheme of supports;
  • scheme of beams arrangement;
  • main structural nodes and elements;
  • details;
  • clarification.

Heating and ventilation.

4. Heating and ventilation – section HV. Includes:

  • general information on heating;
  • principle electrical diagram for connecting heating devices;
  • thermal engineering calculation;
  • equipment specification;
  • scheme of drawing up the construction of water floors – performed on request;
  • general data on ventilation;
  • principal electrical diagram;
  • ventilation calculation;
  • specification for ventilation equipment.

External and internal water supply, sewerage.

5. Water supply and sewerage – WS section:

  • general information;
  • principle scheme;
  • scheme of laying pipes and water supply in axonometry;
  • specification.

Electrical and technical solutions.

6.1. Electrical equipment project – EO stage:

  • project composition;
  • explanatory note;
  • calculation diagram of power network wiring;
  • calculation diagram of lighting network wiring;
  • potential equalization system;
  • specification of equipment and materials.

6.2. Project on low current systems – stage LCS:

  • general information;
  • principal electrical wiring diagram;
  • plan for placing electrical equipment with wiring;
  • a plan for placement of sockets and conclusions according to geometric dimensions;
  • specification.

Architecture is the art of designing social life

The price of an individual project of a residential building or cottage is about $2 per m2, depending on the complexity. A sketch project is an early stage in the design of a building. This is a visualized idea, a project concept, on the basis of which you can answer most of the customer’s questions.

More specifically, the following information will be given:

  • configuration of the building, its placement on the land plot, and general plan (depending on the client’s wishes, legal norms, and building regulations);
  • planning and description of premises, general and residential areas of the designed building;
  • name of structural and finishing materials that are likely to be used;
  • estimated cost of construction and installation works;
  • the cost of design and installation of engineering support for the building (water supply, sewage, heat supply, ventilation, etc.).

This list reflects what the customer will receive as a result and the estimated cost of the work. A sketch project is a preliminary design stage that defines the general requirements for urban planning, functional, aesthetic, and financial aspects of the designed object. The composition of the first stage usually includes the scheme of the general plan, floor plans, main color solutions, schemes for placing furniture and equipment, color options for the facades of the structure, and exterior options.

At the same time, the total and residential area of ​​the building, the interaction of all rooms with each other, a roof scheme is drawn up, and recommendations are determined regarding the selection of building materials. In addition, at the customer’s request, technical research, engineering development, and cost estimates can be performed to substantiate the decisions made.

Usually, to start the development process of the first stage of designing a residential building, it is enough to have a cadastral plan of the land plot. Then it is necessary to go to the object to determine the factors that can affect the design and subsequent construction. For a more accurate and detailed design of the first stage and to reduce the number of possible adjustments, the client is recommended to order a special geodetic survey of the site with adjacent buildings and communications. The scale should be 1:500.

A working project on an individual residential building

It contains the following parts:

  • architectural part (section AS, BS) – estimated duration of execution 4-12 weeks;
  • constructions – HV, EO, LCS;
  • engineering equipment – sections WS.

The working project is most often used for technically simple objects – residential buildings, townhouses, and low-rise public buildings. It is the introductory stage of design and consists of an approved part and working documentation. The first is subject to agreement, and working drawings are created directly for the construction of the object.

It is worth noting that an architectural project is usually sufficient as an approval part for Ukraine.

Structural and engineering sections are not required, they will be needed only when performing construction works.

Sometimes, for approval, local authorities may require a building passport of the object, which includes the plans and facades of the building.

Output data

In addition to the initial data necessary for the sketch design of the object, a geodetic survey of the site and adjacent buildings and engineering communications is ordered. For individual residential buildings that are built on the territory of Ukraine, the client or his representative receives an architectural and planning task and collects technical conditions for the engineering support of the object (TC).

When creating a structural part, it is necessary to order geological studies on the site to determine the level of groundwater and draw up soil characteristics. In difficult geological conditions, for example, peatlands or landslides, research is divided into several stages. Thus, the feasibility of designing and building on this site is determined.

Summary of the required initial data:

  • cadastral plan of land plot boundaries;
  • topographic and geodetic surveying;
  • architectural and planning task;
  • conditions for setting up communications (TU);
  • conclusion with geological studies.

Composition of the architectural part of the working project:

  • Detailed floor plans;
  • Detailed views of facades;
  • Necessary cuts;
  • Facade decoration passport;
  • General plan of the building;
  • Demonstration materials;
  • Explanatory note required documentation package for approval.

Composition of the constructive part of the working project:

  • Scheme of placement of foundations;
  • Floor slabs, columns, beams, lintels;
  • Stair structures;
  • The roof elements placement scheme;
  • Necessary nodes;
  • Information and specifications.
The procedure for performing design work

Individual design of residential buildings includes three stages and is carried out in the following order:

  • first stage – sketch design of the building, pre-project proposals;
  • the second stage – architectural decisions, scheme of the master plan;
  • the third stage – constructive solutions, internal engineering networks.

Let’s consider an example of a sketch project. The execution period is from one to two weeks, depending on the speed of approval of planning decisions. Composition of the draft project:

  • sketches of floor plans with explanations of premises and facades;
  • sections of the building;
  • three-dimensional model, visual representation of the house.

Usually, these works are performed on the basis of customer sketches, materials from architectural literature, or a selection of ready-made projects from the network. At this stage, the client is offered two or three options for planning solutions for the future building. Next, based on the wishes of the customer, one of the alternatives is approved and, if necessary, refined. The client must finally choose the building materials and structures used for this project. Then the design contract is signed.
It should be noted that sketches of floor plans or facades, which are the primary representation of the planning decisions of the house, are not intended for the implementation of construction and installation works, but are used only for the calculation of the estimated cost for the design. The finished material is provided to the customer in an A3 format catalog and in electronic form on a CD.

Now, let’s get acquainted with the example of the second stage. The development will take about 30 working days after the customer approves the sketch project (first stage). The composition of this section is as follows:

  • general data on the project;
  • floor plans;
  • scheme of engineering networks;
  • roof plan;
  • laying plans;
  • sections;
  • nodes and details;
  • facades;
  • wall sweeps;
  • ventilation ducts and chimneys;
  • floor specification;
  • scheme of placement of roof elements.
  • knowledge of slot filling.
  • facade equipment passport.

On the basis of the approved sketches, sections of architectural solutions and part of the project “Scheme of the master plan” is created. These materials can be used by the client to obtain a permit for the construction of a residential building over 300 m2.

Let’s consider the general procedure for the third stage.

The term of development of constructive solutions is about 30 working days after the customer approves the first stage of the house project. Engineering sections are created in 20 working days.

Implementation of constructive solutions is the creation of working drawings of construction structures for the implementation of construction and installation works. In addition, at this stage, if necessary, the engineering parts of the project – electricity, heat supply, ventilation, water supply, sewerage – are being developed. Both sections are executed according to the architectural solutions approved by the customer. The required amount of project work is also taken into account. It can vary depending on the degree of readiness of the task – for example if the foundation has already been laid, then the volume will be smaller.

External technical support systems are designed and installed by our partners. All materials are provided to the client in an A3 catalog and on a CD.

Components of the constructive solutions section:

  • calculation of the load-bearing capacity of foundations, drawing of plans and sweeps of walls, the intersection of nodes, specifications;
  • calculation of internal and external capital walls in terms of flexibility and bearing capacity;
  • calculation of the load-bearing capacity of floor elements, elements – prefabricated plates and belts, specifications;
  • calculation of lintels and beams in the walls, drawing of floor plans for the layout of lintels, nodes, and specifications;
  • calculation of the support system of the roof, drawing of plans and cross-section of the roof, nodes, and specifications.
  • calculation of load-bearing elements of stairs and their spans, drawing of plans and sections.

Components of the section of internal engineering networks.

Heating and ventilation:

  • internal scanning of engineering networks;
  • specifications for equipment and materials;
  • axonometric diagram.

Electricity and equipment:

  • internal scanning of networks, lighting, and household appliances;
  • specifications of the used equipment and products.

Water supply and sewerage:

  • internal scanning of engineering networks;
  • specifications of used equipment and products;
  • axonometric diagram.

NVB Architects-Studio takes responsibility for the following:

  • quality of execution of design services;
  • compliance in the project with all state construction standards of Ukraine;
  • consultation on further issues after the approval of the project in mandatory instances.

We will be glad to get your feedback and comments. We are grateful for your interest in us. We should also note that our partners are engaged in construction, installation, and finishing works.

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