Project of a cottage with a total area of 180 m2
Modern castle, 320 м2, Lviv, 2018
Burgundy house, 270 м22, Lviv, 2020
Functional apartment, 53 м2, Lviv, 2020
Concrete moss, 280 м2, Lviv, 2018
Two-room apartment with a total area of 58.5 m2
Dark apartment, 90 м2, Lviv
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About us

About us

NVB Architects-Studio successfully implements projects in the field of interior design, architecture, and construction.

The NVB team always takes into account uniqueness and inimitability to create interiors and architecture that fully meet the tastes and wishes of customers. The company’s clients are successful businessmen and people who want to emphasize their individuality.

NVB Architects-Studio has highly qualified specialists and a professional team of contractors, which helps to design the future in a high-quality and timely manner.

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What we offer

Interior design

Guided by ergonomic standards and customer wishes, we create unique, absolutely exclusive interiors.

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We design exclusively unique and technically competent houses with strict compliance with the DBN and only for individual orders.

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Repair of apartments and houses

We carry out repair works at the cosmetic level, as well as major or elite repairs, regardless of the type of building.

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Modern interior design by NVB Arсhitects-Studio

Modern interior design is the unsurpassed art of creating a cozy and unique homely atmosphere.

The priority direction of our company’s work is the creation of unique, absolutely exclusive interiors in Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and whole over Ukraine. Guided by ergonomic standards and the wishes of our customers, we bring the most precious ideas to life, easily turning a boring room into something original and unsurpassed.

Of course, it is desirable that the aesthetic preferences of the customer correspond to the functionality of the premises in which the work is planned. At the first stage of the project, the client is offered a classic interior design, or an individual layout of the future premises is developed.

The client can bring to life any design solution, even the bravest ideas. Professional, experienced designers are involved in the preparation and planning process. Listening to the advice of architects and builders, they are ready to perform the best interior design in Lviv or any other city in the country.

A residential apartment, a country house, an office space, or a shopping center will turn into an island of beauty, and comfort and will delight their owners with originality and impeccable functionality. Designers of the company approach any order with the utmost responsibility, regardless of the expected scope of work. Thanks to their skills and rich experience, NVB Arсhitects-Studio specialists successfully carry out design work in Lviv with premises of any purpose.

Designer services - comfort in any room!

Country ownership, residential apartment, retail space, or office will become real islands of comfort when a qualified designer works on them. An apartment or house will become a kingdom of comfort, and the office will give an atmosphere that is optimally suited for productive activities.

NVB Architects-Studio offers upscale interior design services, the quality of which does not depend on the amount of work. Our professionals perform in Lviv and are ready to renovate any premises in this city, creating the atmosphere that the customer is striving for!

What interior design to choose?

The world does not stand still, and what seemed to be a novelty yesterday is a norm today. This rule is also followed by NVB Architects-Studio specialists. Keeping up with the times, the designers of the studio offer the client some new solutions. Any interior design project in Lviv, Kyiv, or any other city will not only be as functional as possible but also completely unique.

There are many ways to transform a room and making the right choice is not always easy. After reviewing the database of ready-made photo projects, the clients can find something suitable for themselves, and our specialists will help to complete the concept, filling it with fresh ideas.

Order an interior design project for an apartment, house, office, or any room right now!

Individual calculation

Prices for classic interior design

It is not a secret that any transformation of the premises requires material costs and the larger the estimated amount of work, the more expensive it will cost the customer. But NVB Architects-Studio always meets the needs of the client, so the company’s pricing policy is as loyal as possible.

The presence of contacts with suppliers of building materials gives customers the opportunity to significantly save money, while it does not affect the quality of the performed work.

Design project development

An ordinary person who does not often use the services of a professional designer has little idea of the process of creating a unique room design. Since each interior created by NVB Arсhitects-Studio is unique and unrepeatable, there is no clear framework for its development. However, there is a certain step-by-step cooperation scheme designed for clients to understand the process of developing design projects.

Stage 1. Development of a sketch of the project

This stage is the most important because exactly during the preliminary planning all the details of the future interior are developed. In the first stage, the designer must understand what shapes and shades will be present in the room, and what materials will be used.

At this stage, the customer meets with the designer to discuss the overall concept of the project. You choose the style of the future premises and discuss the use of certain decorative techniques and materials. We listen to the needs of our clients in detail. In addition, specialists make measurements of the premises and sign a contract estimate. Based on the results of the meeting, a computer model of the designed object is made. Usually, in the first draft solutions, the client can already see:

  • project plan after redevelopment: in this case, zoning is performed, and the purpose of future premises is determined;
  • room plan with plumbing and furniture: this must take into account the need for free space, the degree of natural light, and the work areas provided.

At the second meeting, the specialist provides the client with a report on the work done, and a discussion of the future project is carried out. It is very important to make all the necessary amendments at this stage if there are any.

Based on the results of this meeting, the existing design project is adjusted according to the wishes of the customer. The room plans are detailed, taking into account the location of plumbing and furniture, and a sketch of a stylistic solution is being prepared.

During the third meeting, final adjustments are made and the final versions of the draft solutions are approved.

Stage 2. Working draft

The term “working draft” refers to the main technical documentation. This includes diagrams, spreads, sections of structures, drawings for the manufacture of furniture of non-standard sizes, and all possible documentation that is necessary in order to make the project a reality.

During the first meeting of the client with the designer, a discussion and selection of materials take place. Building materials, coatings, sanitary equipment, furniture, lighting, and decor are selected according to the sketches. If the client wishes, it is possible to organize a joint visit to the outlet for a more careful selection of materials for the construction and decoration of the premises.

After the final approval and selection of materials, decor, and lighting, NVB Arсhitects-Studio specialists perform computer visualization. With the help of a special program, three-dimensional photos are created that will give the client the most realistic idea of ​​the future appearance of the room. It is the visualization that the designer provides to the customer during the next meeting at the second stage of work. Possible adjustments are made immediately, after which the specialists make a package of working drawings, in accordance with the list of the design project.

At the third meeting, the client receives the following:

  1. A package of ready-made documentation with drawings of draft and working designs. Documents are provided in printed form, in two copies, one of which is transferred to the direct contractor of the construction work.
  2. 3D photorealistic renderings in album form.
Stage 3. Author's supervision

You can use this service for a separate fee. Its cost is determined in accordance with the scope of work and is discussed in each case individually. The service includes:

  • departure together with the client to the outlet to select decorative materials, ceramics, sanitary ware, and lighting fixtures;
  • meeting to discuss the work plan with the contractor, control of the entire process of performed work;
  • presence of a specialist at the site during major construction works, such as redevelopment, installation of bulky decorative elements, and more;
  • acceptance of the performed work by the contractor.

It is worth noting separately that NVB Arсhitects-Studio pays maximum attention to each client and takes their wishes, and new fashion trends into account.

Any detail of the interior, provided by the designer-architect, will be as functional as possible, and the general style of the room will not only bring joy to the owners with its comfort but at the same time will demonstrate their unsurpassed taste and sense of style to everyone around.

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