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What do you need to know about house renovation?

Those who have a cottage know that repairs are often a forced necessity. Sometimes due to weather conditions, the roof is badly damaged – this problem is still close to the residents of the top floors of high-rise buildings. Also, building repairs affect the facade, plumbing, and sometimes the layout.

When it comes to structural issues in older detached homes, sometimes a sloping floor is just a sloping floor, and other times it’s a sign that your foundation is compromised. If your house is not recently built, there could be many problems with the foundation and support of the structure, which are often beyond the control of the homeowner, but which you cannot fix yourself.

What to pay attention to?

If breakdowns or malfunctions occur, do not try to fix them on your own, because you can aggravate the situation by damaging fresh processing. It is better to immediately call specialists – they will quickly fix the breakdowns, saving you from unnecessary worries.

The cost of repairing houses and cottages depends on the following factors:

  • scope of work;
  • difficulty;
  • cost of materials.

Therefore, it is recommended to think over the concept of home renovation in advance, if it is your desire to change something, and not in unforeseen circumstances.

What style to choose?

Various trends in design are popular nowadays. Sophisticated classics include a fireplace, decorative columns, and niches, as well as tiered ceilings. In addition, furniture for a classic design is selected from natural wood.

Hi-tech is also a relevant direction. First of all, this is minimalism – built-in wardrobes, folding furniture, and technological materials in the decoration. This urban style implies simple geometry in everything that should be taken into account in the repair of cottages if it is planned to arrange them in a modern direction. Accordingly, other styles have other mandatory nuances, without which it is impossible to adhere to the design you have chosen. In other words, the design decision directly affects the prices.

Types of house repairs

Buying a house is everyone’s dream, but as a rule, the price is also significantly different from buying an apartment. The down payment, mortgage, property taxes, furniture, and decorations all require capital investment as well as your energy and time. However, many people forget about one of the biggest costs associated with home ownership: repairs.

If we classify repairs according to the complexity and scope of work, the following types can be distinguished:

  • cosmetic;
  • capital;
  • restorative or emergency;
  • “turnkey”.

Repair of apartments has the same types of repairs, which you can learn more about on our website. But don’t forget about important needs during home renovation!

Repair of the roof

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home because it protects you and your home from various weather conditions. However, the roof is very sensitive and prone to rot, leaks and corrosion. Spot leaks and lost shingles are easy to fix, but when the damage is dangerous or too extensive, you may need to replace your entire roof.

Whether you have shingles or any other type of roofing, the best way to avoid having to replace your entire roof is to perform preventative maintenance and have it inspected by a professional at least once a year.

Foundation repair

If your home is built in an area where the soil contracts during the dry season and swells during the rainy season, the foundation may be at risk.

Water is a foundation killer; it seeps through concrete, then mold grows, settles in basements, and leads to unpleasant consequences. Water can cause the foundation walls to crack and the exterior of the house to turn into something unsightly and chaotic. When the foundation is destroyed, you may see random cracks in the floor and walls, sloping floors, pools of water in the basement and around the edges of the house, or difficulty closing doors and windows. Damage to the foundation is an extremely serious problem and its repair should be trusted only to professionals.

Septic system repair

If your home is not connected to a public sewer system, you need a septic tank to sort household waste. A septic tank works like a sewage treatment plant, separating grease and solids from household waste and using beneficial bacteria to treat the remaining liquid. Septic systems require special care and maintenance. Flushing the wrong chemicals down the drain or not draining the tank can cause the system to fail.

A damaged septic tank can cause problems such as slow sewage; toilets may not flush and you may have to deal with unpleasant odors. The cost of installing a new septic tank can cost thousands of dollars, so to avoid this, it’s a good idea to call a repairman regularly for preventative maintenance and inspections.

Features of home renovation

Before starting the main work, think about the original features of your property and how you could use them when choosing a design. Keeping some items will not only save you money but also help preserve the character of your property.

When working with a builder or renovation contractor, the schedule is also considered a loose contract between you, the homeowner, and the person doing the work, helping you ensure that everything stays within budget.

Here is an example of a work schedule for a fairly large renovation project:

External work

  • Brickwork;
  • Paint the exterior walls;
  • Clean, repair and replace roof tiles where necessary;
  • Repair the chimney;
  • Replace windows;
  • Remove vegetation on external walls;
  • Replace the door (entrance).

Internal work

  • Restoration of parquet;
  • Replace all interior doors;
  • Install a new kitchen and household appliances;
  • Install a new floor for the bathroom, kitchen, and hallway (with insulation);
  • Remove construction debris.

You can find examples of house renovations with interesting designs on our website.

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