Modern castle

Type House/cottage Style Modern classic Square 320 м2 Location Львів Date 2018

House. Modern castle
The area is 320 m2. Residents 3

Whatever the trends in the interior – the classics are eternal.

A lot can be said about the house – it is English classics, Austrian bricks, panoramic windows, high four-meter ceilings, majestic doors, and exquisite stairs that rise to the third floor.

The highlight of this design is the desire for the authenticity of old things, which is framed by modernity and refined elements.

The main idea we followed was the combination of modern style with the history of the past. This is the main feature of eclecticism. This is a style that combines different directions in design. We combined notes of refined classics in details and objects that unite the interior and modern upholstered furniture.

Entering the vestibule, we can immediately feel the atmosphere of the house. A geometric pattern that repeats itself on the walls. A delicate console for small things and an abstract bright picture are reflected in a wardrobe with a geometric pattern and a wooden frame in the color of the door.

The floor is covered with ceramic tiles with a geometric cut, the pattern of which was developed by the project designers. An elegant chandelier hangs on the ceiling, framed by a high baguette, which sets the character of the design as a whole.

Majestic double doors invite us into the house.

Next, we get to the hall.

In our opinion, the hall is the soul of the house, and it is impossible to allow the soul to be dark and gloomy. Before starting the design, we got a large room with stairs and a lot of doorways. Therefore, we decided to make them in the style of English classics.

And the door to the living room takes over all the grandeur due to its stained glass decoration. Painted in gray, which is repeated on the windows and throughout the house.

Special attention should be paid to their majesty the stairs that rise to the third floor. The background for them was a panel on the wall along the entire stairwell. They are lit by a glass chandelier that descends from the attic ceiling to the first floor.

In order to support the gray theme on the door, the walls were adorned with decorative plaster.

The geometry of the floor is achieved by the complex cutting of ceramic granite in two shades.

Kitchen is the heart of this house and the pride of its hostess. The whole family is gathered here. Conveniently located functional areas contribute to the comfortable exploitation. We have a food preparation area, a bar, a full dining table with a TV area, and a vintage green chest of drawers.

An interesting feature of the room is a round bay window. Bay windows are always a very cozy and light-filled place. Here we inserted a round dining table, above which we placed a complex geometric chandelier with gold metal. On the windows, there are cozy textiles that emphasize the classics in the interior.

The walls are painted white and became the background for exquisite furniture and lighting. The ceiling is framed by a massive baguette with decorative elements, which complements the style of the interior.

We enter the living room through a tall double door with a stained glass window. Consoles with minimalist lamps on the wall rest symmetrically on both sides. The room, as the center of the entire composition of the house, has a special design meaning, and spirit. In the middle, there are two large green sofas, opposite which there is a magnificent fireplace designed in the English style. The old mirror attracts special attention. All this stands on an authentic parquet floor laid out with a “herringbone”. The walls of rich gray color with frames made of molding – add sophistication to the living room, and are a good background for paintings and deep shades of furniture.

The ceiling is framed by massive baguettes with decorative elements painted in the color of the door. The chandeliers in the center are modern. The windows are equipped with light curtains, which we will restore.

Corridor of the second floor repeats the design of the first floor. Going up, we see an accent glass chandelier.

The owners’ bedroom is large and spacious. Light gray walls, molding frames, in which wallpaper with imitation of embossed lace, and high dark baguettes are placed – all this supports the classic and eclectic styles that decorate the bedroom.

A large gray bed is successfully reflected in a large round mirror. And the center of the whole composition is dedicated to the relaxation area in the bay window with two comfortable armchairs. In the middle, we see the table, above which hangs an unusual chandelier – these modern decorative elements dilute the strict style of the bedroom.

The owners’ bedroom has a sizable walk-in closet that we gained from the remodel. Therefore, there are no piles of furniture in the room itself.

PS: We are proud of this development project. We had the opportunity to work with interesting people who have excellent taste and clearly know what they want. Our team gained a lot from working with this customer and, of course, a great experience. This object made us fall in love with the classics and inspired a new finish in design. We thank the customers for their patience and trust in our team.

We design the future. Let us create it for you too!

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