Holiday home

Type House/cottage Style Minimalism Square 76 м2 Location Lviv Date 2018

Holiday home.

The house is intended for family rest, having guests, joint entertainment, and cooking barbecue… Therefore, our interior is light walls and floors that perfectly contrast with dark elements.

Almost all of the Holiday home furniture, including kitchen furniture and built-in shelves, was custom-made.

We paid special attention to the kitchen. Here we placed a grill and a smokehouse, and also designed an additional cooking area. This area is located on an island, which, in turn, serves as a bar counter and separates the kitchen area from the dining room.

In the middle, there is a large dining table for having guests and arranging fun parties.

Going down, we find ourselves in a seating area with a large black sofa. The accent of the entire interior is a large fireplace lined with black stone.

Large panoramic windows allow you to enjoy a beautiful view of the perfect lawn.

A bright, clean, positive space for young people – that’s what we tried to achieve. A democratic interior with thoughtful functionality and without unnecessary pomposity is the main idea of the Holiday home project.

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