Graffiti gray

Type House/cottage Style Modern classic , Scandinavian , Modern Square 180 м2 Location м.Львів Date 2018

Cottage. Graffiti gray.
The area is 180 m2. 4 inhabitants

“Simplicity is the highest sophistication” Leonardo da Vinci

Perfect design starts with simple things.

The design project is made in a modern style and is endowed with classic and light Scandinavian elements. The styles are competently combined with each other. The project was developed for a young creative family with two children, who want to rest in their home from active life, routine, and city noise.

The basic colors are gray shades, which are complemented by a rich dark gray-blue. Graphite color serves as a contrast in all rooms. The main desire of customers is the absence of a large number of colors.
Design is limited by textures. But all of them are characteristically expressed and saturated. At the same time, the room does not seem cold due to the warm light and the wooden floor.


Entering the house, we see a wardrobe, a place to sit, and a large mirror.

The area of the entrance, living room, and kitchen area – smoothly spreads around the perimeter of the open space. The lighting of the ceiling gently diffuses on the wall with a warm shade, and the graphite line on the ceiling with lamps seems to lead to the living room.

The decoration of the corridor smoothly flows into the corridor of the second floor.

Kitchen studio

The kitchen studio is combined with the living room. The planning was developed in such a way that the TV could be viewed from all points of the room. The kitchen is equipped with all the necessary kitchen appliances for a modern housewife. The island serves as an additional workplace, and dining table and separates the living room from the kitchen.

All rooms have common design solutions: lighting, color scheme, shapes and style, and decorative strips on the walls. For example, in the living room, we meet them in the TV area and at the end of the kitchen.

The living room area has the largest number of different textures. Such a solution makes the space rich and deep. A large soft sofa, a speaker system, a 55-inch TV, a wood-burning fireplace – a recreation area for the whole family.

To dilute the brutality of the interior, a classic baguette and plinth were used.

The style of the cottage is repeated in the guest bathroom. Furniture set with a washbasin hides a washing machine and a dryer. We pay a lot of attention to mirrors.


The interior of the bedroom is partially different from the design of the cottage but continues the idea of the whole project. Therefore, in addition to shades of gray and a well-thought-out lighting scenario. The accent is the bed and the background of the black 3d panel.

The TV hangs on the wall decorated with large-format tiles with a stone texture. On both sides, there are doors made of black glass. Behind them are the wardrobe and the bathroom

A separate bathroom in your own cottage is almost everyone’s dream. For your attention, this bathroom has everything you need – a large bathtub, a shower cabin, and a large mirror. A large window overlooks the backyard of the cottage and provides ample daylight. An interesting combination of gray ceramics with a warm shade and black with a rough stone texture. Due to warm lighting, the room does not look cold.

Children’s bathroom is made in a minimalist manner. Several different lighting elements are used, which makes the room look bright and spacious. The walls are decorated with light tiles of powdery and gray shades from the Fap Ceramiche manufacturer.

The Children’s room was designed for a 4-year-old little girl whose parents want to create a childhood fairy tale.

The main focus is a fairy-tale house, where the first floor is a play area and a sofa for relaxation. It will be possible to spy on the games through the window. We climb to the second floor by stair-drawers to the sleeping place.

We did not forget about functional furniture for storage, shelves, and workplace, which complements the style of the house.

The next children’s room was designed and created for the eldest daughter who is 7 years old. The functionality is calculated in such a way that the room “grows” together with the resident. Here we envisioned a workplace with a large number of shelves for cups and books.

A soft powder bed with a high back is located against the background of a wooden wall, which created a cozy corner for a dreamer. Painted facades of furniture, pastel and soft colors of textiles, and lighting. All this looks easy, comfortable, and “girlish”.

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