Functional apartment

Type Apartment Style Minimalism Square 53 м2 Location Львів Date 2020

Apartment. Functional apartment
The area is 53m2.

The open space philosophy is characteristic of brave and open-minded people who are ready to expand their worldview and look at the world outside the closed box.

The design of this apartment is made in the style of minimalism. The apartment is full of functional areas, and many details that are not visible to the eye are embodied. However, it is thanks to them that harmony arises. Equipped with many technical features. Warm walls and floor, recovery and conditioning system. The apartment does not have a smart house, but many elements are present, including control of curtains, heating, and ventilation through separate applications.

The apartment has light milky walls with parts of the walls in black matte color. A lot of wood was used in the flooring and furniture to maintain the atmosphere of home comfort.

The corridor is equipped with two wardrobes and a communication room. The space smoothly transitions into the living room.

In the living room we are greeted by a large sofa with seating on both sides. On the ceiling is a black metal structure that starts from the corridor and serves as a horizontal bar, a place for attaching a hammock or a rocking chair. Dark matte elements are repeated on lighting, and furniture structures. Wide panoramic windows are decorated with black lattice curtains that fill the space with light.

Although the Kitchen is small, it is thought out to the smallest detail. The bar serves as a dining table. Its peculiarity is that it transforms into a panel on the wall – we can remove it.

The office – part of the general space of the apartment. Equipped with a desk and a rest area where you can work or relax. If you have guests, you can transform it into an additional bed. And the work table can be quickly folded into a large dining table.

The interior of the bedroom continues the design of the open space. Nothing extra, except for shades of gray and soft light. Special attention should be paid to the table designed by our designers, which slides out of the cabinet. Performs the function of a dressing table.

The bathroom has a special play of textures. Massive tiles resembling stone, combined with wood and warm lighting, look very interesting in a duo with modern ceramic sanitary ware. The sink and warm bench are made of architectural concrete.

In the bathroom, in addition to the toilet, there is a boiler, a washing machine, and a dryer.

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