Concrete moss

Type House/cottage Style Loft , Modern , Industrial Square 280 м2 Location Lviv Date 2018

Two-story cottage. Concrete moss
The area is 280m2. 4 inhabitants.

Industrial style, modern, loft – we combined such a mix of styles in a private two-story apartment. We used the inherent features of these styles: open space, interspersed with rough textures, concrete, and brutal metal structures.

The general range of colors is a balance of dark tones with light ones.

The open space of the first floor is divided into functional zones: living room, dining room, kitchen, and stairwell.

The living room occupies the largest space. The space was resolved and we could put a big soft sofa, against its background there is a bright niche with shelves. Large windows with access to the terrace illuminate the entire space with daylight. Decorated with light textiles and curtains with a black-out effect.

It is a pleasure to cook in the kitchen near the large window overlooking a pine forest. Black kitchen furniture echoes the black elements of the room – fireplace, stairs. Both areas are connected by a dining area with a concrete wall, on which hangs a panel made of a metal frame and stabilized plants. In the middle, there is a folding table for meeting guests. The dining area smoothly transitions into a spacious corridor with stairs to the second floor.

Stairs on a metal frame are against the background of a concrete wall framed with black metal, decorative panels with stabilized plants, chrome railings, and wooden steps – all of this create a play of textures and materials.

Guest bathroom, located next to the living room, decorated with black tiles, looks quite brutal next to the light.

The Bedroom, against the background of the design of the house as a whole, is full of peace. The light color scheme and the lack of furniture create a feeling of comfort and coziness. The bedroom is filled with the necessary furniture: a large bed, a bedside hanging drawer on one side, and a dressing table on the other. The bedroom has its own separate bathroom and separate wardrobe. The entrance is closed by sliding doors, which are hidden behind a decorative column with a TV.

The Bathroom is part of the bedroom. In a small space, we were able to fit a shower behind sliding tempered glass doors, a toilet, and a sink with a mirror. In support of the bedroom, it is decorated in light shades.

PS: our designers are crazy experimenters and innovators. They are constantly looking for something new and always try to create something interesting. That’s why we want to show you another option for decorating the first floor.

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