Beige house

Type Apartment Style Minimalism Square 58.5 м2 Location Lviv Date 2020

Beige house apartment design
The area is 58.5 m2. 1 resident

A bright and light apartment in the style of “minimalism” without overloading with unnecessary details. The planning is developed in the form of open space. This is the philosophy of open space, characteristic of brave and open-minded people who are ready to expand their worldview.


The ​​entrance area is 6 m2, but due to the large mirrors, the space visually increases. Minimalism requires maximum simplicity of lines. Therefore, the cabinets in the corridor and throughout the apartment have straight shapes and hidden handles.

The hallway smoothly flows into the kitchen and living room, which gives a sense of space. Polished concrete on the ceiling adds roughness to the restrained style of the apartment. Ceramic granite on the floor repeats the structure of concrete on the ceiling, which combines the decoration elements.

The entrance wardrobe is made in a strict black color, it gives it a real charm and a strict format. Such a wardrobe will require a certain order.

Living room.

The bright, clean interior of the living room is balanced by pastel colors, and black matte surfaces, which are perfectly combined with the texture of wood and yellow and orange accents in the furniture. There is a lot of white in this project, it is a good foundation for the interior to be light.
Wooden slats serve as a unifying element in the apartment. This element is repeated in the hallway and living room, thus unifying the interior into a single algorithm with interconnected details.


The living room adjoined the balcony. We slightly changed its purpose, turning it into an office with a workplace and a reading area.

Studio kitchen is full of functionality and comfort, made in restrained black and white colors. Equipped with all the necessary kitchen equipment, a bar counter with a mini bar, which functions as a dining table.

The Bathroom is equipped with everything you need. A large furniture set, where we installed a washing machine. The walls are decorated with ceramic tiles in two colors and black decorative plaster used on the ceiling and walls. Ceramic granite on the wall and floor repeats the structure of concrete as in the kitchen and hallway on the floor. All the attention goes to the orange tile from the 41zero42 manufacturer.

The Bedroom will be executed in the context of the design of the entire apartment. The walls in this room have a pleasant color and are not burdened by additional facades. Wardrobe with neat wooden facades. The bed and bedside tables are devoid of massiveness.

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