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Author’s supervision

Author’s supervision is one of the most important services relevant to the field of design and architecture. If we talk about the purpose of this activity, it is aimed to ensure that the client is completely satisfied with the implementation of the completed project – both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of practicality. This will ensure that the performed work is consistent with the initial plans.

Author's supervision: features

Nowadays, the author’s supervision of the construction is an essential guarantee of the customer’s peace of mind. It consists in controlling the work of the construction team at all stages. This applies to:

compliance of the activities of service providers with the plan that was originally agreed and approved

the objective need to adjust the design project – qualified supervision of the construction is able to identify those shortcomings of the intended plan that could only be revealed directly in the work

estimation of the rationality of the use of certain materials, as well as the maximum acceptability of their use in the construction process

other tasks related to direct project changes – even with high-quality planning, unforeseen situations may arise in practice (for example, after dismantling the wall, additional reinforcing elements are required)

Even a superficial analysis of the tasks set allows us to conclude that architectural supervision in construction is important, since it contributes to the optimization of the process, its necessary adjustment and the maximum improvement in the quality of construction work to bring the design solution to life.

Author's supervision of construction: features

In order for these tasks to be carried out at the highest level, the specialists exercising supervision must have the necessary degree of competence. Only in this way they are able to draw qualified conclusions about the appropriate or inappropriate roles of the raw materials used and other aspects that require a competent and professional eye. Therefore, author’s supervision of construction is the occupation of true experts in their field.

Author's supervision: cost and its formation

The price point in this case includes:

trips to the construction team workplace (but not more than four times a month)

supervision of the extent to which the services implemented by the builders correspond to the initial projects approved together with the customer

ordering the necessary raw materials for processing and working equipment

communication with a specialist, which involves his possible consultation by phone

adjustment of the project plan, taking into account unforeseen features of the construction site that appeared as a result of dismantling works

interior improvement with decorative elements

When it comes to the author’s supervision, its cost does not include checking the quality of materials during their reception and control over technical features in the execution of construction works. Ukraine is a country where copyright supervision services are provided by many companies. Kyiv, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk provide you with a large number of offers in this segment.

But ordering the service from us will be the most profitable. In addition to price loyalty, the client is offered the highest quality author’s supervision, which will ensure full compliance with the developed project of your dreams and its implementation in practice.

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