Two-room apartment repair


Two-room apartment: repair features

Tired of boring interior? You think it would be better to get rid of the extra wall and make the most of the space? Then you need a redesign. Renovation in a two-room apartment is a serious matter, but it has its advantages. For example, while work is going on in one room, the second one is suitable for living, if needed.

Of course, the costs will be significant, especially when it is planned to “refresh” housing thoroughly. However, if you think over the details in advance, the final amount will turn out to be quite acceptable.

Repair stages

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a new building, where apartments were sold after a fresh renovation. Therefore, you will have to draw up a work plan, and calculate the cost of materials. It is better to entrust this task to specialists – they will quickly draw up an estimate.

The repair itself begins with preparatory work:

  • old wiring dismantling ;
  • wall covering removal and further leveling of walls;
  • ceiling tiles, and old flooring removal ;
  • old windows, and interior doors dismantling;
  • engineering networks replacement .

Having completed the previous stage, workers install new windows and window sills. There is also a ceiling. Sometimes it is quite simple to level it, but more and more today people want to purchase suspended ceilings.

Turnkey specialists carefully process “problem” areas before finishing. After pasting/painting the walls and laying the floors, plumbing is installed, furniture is arranged.

How to decorate the main room?

Usually, the central room is a living room, a relaxation area. Here the family gathers at the home cinema or over a cup of tea. So, I want to make it as comfortable as possible.

Do you plan to arrange company gatherings? Then you should definitely buy a large table – it is convenient to use as a dining table. We suggested buying chairs for him or simply put him next to the sofa. Then it is recommended to pay attention to models on wheels.

It is better to forget about large Soviet sideboards covering the entire wall – choose built-in cabinets and open shelves. A similar solution will also allow placing the plasma and installing a stereo stem.

The cost of repairs is affordable to everyone, you just need to think about the interior. This is especially important when you need to combine the living room with the bedroom. Such a decision is necessary if the second room is reserved for other household members.

To save space, it is recommended to choose modern transforming furniture. These are folding sofas that provide an internal space for storing bed linen.

What to do with the second room?

Most often, this room becomes a children’s room. Therefore, the repair of a 2-room apartment is carried out taking into account this fact. First, it is important to take care of good lighting, its insufficiency will have a negative effect on children’s eyesight.

If possible, get rid of overly dense three-dimensional curtains – natural lighting also plays a role. Also, buy a good table lamp that provides tilt adjustment, and install a sconce.

Secondly, it is worth thinking about the harmonious combination of the bedroom and the office – schoolkids should be comfortable resting and doing their homework. The price does not necessarily turn out to be high – it is easy to distinguish between the work area and the rest area with the help of:

  • lighting of various kinds;
  • color design;
  • decorative partition.

Any room design is possible today. The main thing is to consider the age of the child and avoid small decorative details. In general, it is better to follow the following principles:

  • security;
  • environmental;
  • ergonomics;
  • relevance of the environment to the age.

It often happens that children of different sexes live together. Naturally, repairs were often started precisely in order to demarcate their space. Again, it is worth using the technique of coloring. Only the colors should be combined with each other – too much contrast will create an unhealthy environment. Sliding decorative screens will come in handy – they will help fence off when the child wants to be alone.

How much does a two-room apartment repair cost?

You can determine the cost after an exact or at least approximate work plan. In addition, it is important to consider many nuances:

  • type of apartment (Khrushchevka, Stalinka, studio);
  • difficulty of repair;
  • interior style.

It is often difficult to make an estimate yourself, given the cost of materials – you have to monitor the prices of different suppliers, and compare different offers. Therefore, it is better to seek help from professionals – they will save you from unnecessary worries.

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