Studio apartment repair

In recent years, studio apartments have become a very popular solution for rooms with small square footage, and in general for those who want to expand the space. But in order to get a studio from an ordinary apartment, you need to go all the way from the destruction of walls to the creation of something new and completely unique, that is, to go through renovation.


Studio apartments repair features

So what is the peculiarity of studio apartments and the redevelopment of ordinary apartments into one large one? The fact is that a small room enclosed by walls looks cramped and often dark. In order to turn your home into a large, spacious apartment, the method of converting the area into a continuous studio is often used. And in order for such an apartment to be cozy and comfortable, you need to take care of all the nuances of each separate area. A kitchen, bedroom, and living room combined into a single whole is a task that can only be mastered by specialists! In an apartment like this, only the toilet and bath will be separate.

Renovation in a studio apartment involves the correct placement of lighting, playing with the levels of the floor and ceiling, and creating geometric structures on the walls that allow you to outline the boundaries of zones with different purposes. After carrying out repair work, you will receive a fashionable interior of an updated apartment and functional zoning of the premises.

Thanks to this intervention in the initial planning of housing, you can achieve significant results:

  • visually expand the area of ​​the apartment;
  • change the size of each functional area depending on the needs of the owner;
  • implement bold design ideas when creating an interior;
  • give the room an atmosphere of space.

Before starting repair work in a studio apartment, you should carefully approach the choice of colors. The NVB Arсhitects designers in Lviv will tell you what colors are best to paint each area of ​​your renovated apartment so that it does not lose its charm and retains a sense of space.

Creating affordable comfort

Of course, the price of such a repair always brings a lot of questions, because you need to take care of many nuances, and the repair itself is not the only expense item, the owner still has to buy furniture, accessories, and interesting decor, which also requires considerable investments. But still, the reconstruction of the premises itself is the most expensive and energy-consuming stage of the transformation of an ordinary dwelling into a modern studio.

How to minimize financial losses? The optimal way is to entrust the execution of a complex of works to professionals. You will avoid wrong decisions, and you will definitely direct your finances to exactly those materials and services that are necessary for finishing your apartment. In addition, the well-known truth “wholesale is cheaper” also works in the case of repairs.

The high price of high-quality building materials and professional services of planners, designers, and builders is fully justified because you receive qualified repair services that will serve you for many years without any additional interventions in its original appearance. The main task in the reconstruction and repair of a studio apartment is to create a cozy and comfortable environment, and this can be realized for quite affordable prices.

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