Mansion repair

Where to start mansion repair?

Owners of country houses will agree that over time they want to make changes – update the facade, make a redevelopment. When there are specific problems (for example, with plumbing), solving them is simple.

In the absence of a clear concept, the renovation of mansions is delayed.

Specialist's consultation

If the roof has leaked or you want to build a fence higher on the territory, it is better to call a specialist who will offer the best solution. It is also worth contacting him when there is a need to free up space. Today, not only the classical or baroque styles are popular in mansions, but minimalism is too.

How is the price calculated?

The cost of repair depends on the complexity. It is affected by:

  • walls demolition;
  • change of door and window openings, ceiling height;
  • hanging furniture and sanitary ware installation.

Of course, all standard procedures (replacement of wall and floor coverings, putty, replacement of wiring), and square footage of the room are taken into account.

The price will be formed on the basis of the new design. Styles such as Rococo and Provence will require more investment – a lot of natural wood is used in the decoration.

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