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Landscaping of a country house, yard, or garden is a very popular type of service in Ukraine today. After all, it always looks impressive and prestigious when the yard is creatively decorated. NVB Architects-Studio has been successfully performing a variety of works in the field of exterior planning of sites and landscape design projects for a long time. You can find photos of completed orders on our website.

Landscape design services: let's take a closer look

Still can’t decide exactly how to plan the space of your site? It does not matter whether it is small or large – every self-respecting owner or hostess wants to make it beautiful. Contact NVB Architects and our landscape designers will help you solve this problem. Cooperation is easy to start – just dial our number!

How we work:

departure to the site in Kyiv or another city;

clarification of the client’s needs, and measurements;

formation and signing of a contract for the performance of works;

advance payment;

compilation of 2-3 site sketches;

making additions and adjustments to the option chosen by the customer.

Work with the site is divided into three stages:

  • pre-project works;
  • design development;
  • landscape works.

A landscape designer is a modern magician

If you have become a happy owner of a country house and a field adjacent to it, then soon you will have a lot of questions for sure. Where to start decorating the garden and how to draw paths? Where to install a gazebo? What plants are best to plant, and where to do it? Landscaping of a cottage, yard, and garden – that’s what you need.

Of course, these are all pleasant worries. However, you find yourself in a delicate situation where you need to make important decisions almost intuitively. One way out is to read dozens of specialized books and hundreds of magazines on this subject, becoming a real connoisseur. However, even having gained deep theoretical knowledge, it is unlikely that you will immediately become a landscape designer, because experience is important. Therefore, it is recommended to order the services of professionals.

Landscaping projects - the way to a beautiful garden

A good garden is always the result of scrupulous work and careful planning. We will share our experience in the field of landscape design. We offer you landscape design services for gardens and other areas.

But remember that homestead design is an equally important type of work. For planning, it is better to resort to the services of professional architects.

Landscape design of a country house, yard, garden by NVB-Architects

The NVB company will execute a beautiful and unique landscape design project for you with particular care and professionalism. We offer to see photos of completed orders and make a decision about cooperation. Our head office is located in Lviv, but you can contact us from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil and any other city in the country.

I. Pre-project works

1. Measurements

In order to have an accurate idea of ​​the initial microrelief of the territory, it’s necessary to make measurements. They are accompanied by a topographic survey. An additional function of this action is to familiarize yourself with the relief features of the site. It is a well-known fact that during construction, as well as planning the use of the territory, it is better to proceed from knowledge of what the real relief is.

This requires an inventory that will help:

  • take into account the plantations on the site, assessing their condition;
  • determine how to arrange certain elements.

Existing flower garden elements, as well as shrubs and trees, are fixed in the situational plan. As for the information on the results of the inventory, detailed information about these items is entered there.

The following vegetation parameters are evaluated:

  • crown width indicators;
  • diametric features of trunks;
  • height of elements, their age;
  • peculiarities of their viability;
  • mechanical damage (their presence or absence);
  • level of contamination of some elements, as well as their decorativeness.

A plan of actions aimed at further effective care of vegetation is developed taking into account the received data.

2. Actions for drawing up an architectural design task.

A designer is sent to work on the object. Its task is to carry out an assessment taking into account various parameters.

The stages of a specialist’s activity are as follows:

  • get a task related to design – the designer finds out the area of ​​the territory, as well as gets acquainted with the wishes of the customer, and his interests (this allows you to determine the style that is most suitable for decorating the garden);
  • measurements – when they are carried out, structures, the presence of plantings, as well as the size of trees are taken into account;
  • inventory – recording, assessment of plants in terms of breed, and age (at this stage, relict and historical plantings are identified);
  • the process of evaluating plantations from the point of view of their decorative and sanitary condition (to record the results of evaluation actions, the specialist uses a five-point scale);
  • description of the characteristics of the above-ground cover, thanks to which soil acidity is determined;
  • evaluation of soil cover from the point of view of agrochemistry;
  • estimation of the ratio of volumetric and flat spaces in the studied territory;
  • geodetic surveying, which involves the analysis of relief features;
  • determination of illumination, as well as the movement of shadows during the day and year – insolation analysis, based on the results of which the position of the site is fixed taking into account the cardinal points;
  • identification of potential sources of pollution. For example, the presence near highways, enterprises, landfills, and powerful noise sources;
  • photographic fixation of visual points – both favorable and unfavorable.

The second stage begins after the complete collection of the mentioned information.

II. Landscape design

Thinking over the most logical zoning of the territory, it is necessary to make a design sketch. The design of individual zones is based on the data provided by the customer. In the process of preliminary development, scaling features are taken into account.

Based on the design data, a master plan is created. It is done in color. The document contains the limit marks of the site, the presence of certain paths, and flower beds. In addition, the designed plants and architectural structures are indicated.

A team of builders will work with the layout drawing, and indicating important elements in the document will greatly facilitate the work of professional builders.

Landscapers also need a blueprint. For them, a special landing type drawing is made, where only the category of objects is applied, which directly affects the further placement of flower beds. In addition, having such a drawing in use, landscapers can easily determine the location of planting pits for planting.

An important document is the assortment sheet, which lists the list of plants designed according to the general plan.

The explanatory note contains the design task, as well as information about the state of the territory. In addition, an assortment list is provided, which contains brief data on the care of vegetation.

The current aspect is the author’s support. It consists of the personal control of the designer over the process of putting his plan into practice. Supervision of the author is possible within a year after completion of the work.

III. Landscape works

The sequence relevant for the implementation of landscape work depends on its nature. In addition, they must be coordinated with other activities of agricultural machinery. Accounting for improvement elements in the context of engineering systems existing on the site is no less important.

Works related to landscape design should be carried out according to a project that has been discussed in advance. This will be a guarantee of consistency. This approach opens up the following list of positive prospects for the owner:

  • shortening of the terms necessary for the performance of works;
  • their significant reduction in price.

The first stage of improvement activities is related to vertical planning, as well as laying underground communications for lighting, irrigation, and drainage system equipment. The level of further well-being of the garden plot depends on the quality of such works.

The success of project implementation directly depends on weather conditions, as well as seasonality. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the acceptability or unacceptability of simultaneous carrying out certain works. Thus, the implementation of many agricultural technical tasks is quite real in parallel with the device of reservoirs, garden stairs, paths, and retaining walls. When this activity is completed, the planting pits intended for further planting of vegetation are prepared, the lawn is arranged, and the flower bed soil is replaced.

The last working stage is the installation of elements related to the irrigation system, the installation of sculptural details of a decorative nature, which make the site aesthetically complete.

It is impossible to name the exact terms of execution of landscape works because everything depends on their specific type and scope provided for in the contract. If the customer makes additions or changes during the work, this can significantly slow down the overall duration of the process.

Summarizing the stages of the activities of the mentioned spectrum, it is worth noting the following sequence:

  • actions aimed at protecting vegetation already existing on the area of vegetation;
  • clearing, as well as garbage removal (at this stage, in addition to the mentioned actions), sanitary felling is carried out (if necessary);
  • vertical planning of the area, arrangement of drainage systems, lighting;
  • arrangement of the area, paths, construction of retaining walls, stairwells;
  • arrangement of lawn elements, flower beds; planting appropriate vegetation;
  • post-planting care until handover of completed work at the facility.

Prices for design work are negotiable. They depend on the specific area.

The composition of the project includes the following documentation:

  • general and dendrological plans of the site;
  • formation;
  • plot type drawing;
  • scheme dedicated to lighting features;
  • diagram of the automatic irrigation system;
  • thumbnails;
  • sketch solutions for landscape design.

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