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Interior planning

Previously, when we visited someone, we did not really feel the difference in the interior, since the layouts of all the apartments were very similar. TV on the bedside table, sofa – in front of it, two armchairs on the sides, a wardrobe in the corner, and a folding table. Probably, reading this description, many remembered at least several apartments where they had once been.
Modern society has a slightly different attitude to the organization of living space. Today, not traditions are in favor, but creativity and uniqueness. Therefore, interior planning is often entrusted to professionals who know all the subtleties of newfangled trends and original design solutions.


Apartment layout: where to start

Before contacting specialists, you must clearly formulate the basic requirements for the intended interior. To do this, you need to decide on:

  • color range;
  • the purpose of the premises (a house for a young couple with children, a teenager’s room, a guest house);
  • general style.

Also, don’t forget that the layout of the apartment is a project that is created based on the characteristics of your lifestyle, so be sure to share your personal preferences and features. For example, if you like to have loud parties or will have eight cats living with you, then this should definitely be taken into account in the project.

Standard apartment layouts: a new approach

If you live in an ordinary “Khrushchevka” or “Stalinka”, this does not mean that you are not destined to become the owner of a comfortable modern home with an unusual design. Many residents of Ukraine live in houses built in the last century, but long ago they changed the traditional Soviet interior to a stylish, creative layout.

NVB Architects Studio specialists will help turn an ordinary apartment into your pride and a place where you will be happy to spend time in a cozy and comfortable environment, gladly having guests.

The layout of a house or mansion

We also work with large-scale projects that involve the creation of a country cottage or mansion project. In this case, it is especially important to enlist the support of professionals at the planning stage, because it is very difficult to use a large space correctly, and harmoniously, on your own, while not forgetting about complex multi-level communication systems.

The NVB Architects Studio company will help in the construction or redevelopment of any object not only in Lviv but also in other cities. Having completed an application online, you will be able to cooperate with us remotely from any place in the country (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Uzhhorod, Ivano-Frankivsk, etc.).

Professional apartments redevelopment

When it comes to drastic interior changes, it’s not safe to take risks. Of course, everyone knows about the inviolability of load-bearing walls, the general rules for organizing water and electricity supply in a residential building, and the difficulties with modifying facades. But besides this, there are many other constructions, engineering, design techniques, and norms that allow you to perform high-quality and functional redevelopment of apartments.

By hiring professionals, you will implement all your interior ideas without risk, and you will also receive a number of useful and important tips that can significantly increase the comfort and practicality of your new home.

We will be happy to help you make changes in your life truly bright and hassle-free. Welcome to a new life with NVB Architects Studio!

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