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The living room is considered the central room of any home. And this is for a reason since it is in the living room that receptions are arranged, gatherings with friends, feasts are gathered and the whole family rests. That is why the interior design of the living room should be thought out to the smallest detail.

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Design of the living room in the apartment

In a small apartment, the living room can simultaneously serve as a bedroom and office. Correct zoning of the room will literally help to combine the incompatible. Functionality, beauty, and convenience are the three main criteria that the design of the living room in the house should meet.

Since the living room is almost the most spacious in the house, its transformation will bring only pleasure to any person. The choice of color scheme, main zones, and small accessories in the room can bring positive emotions because such changes are always pleasant. And if specialists from NVB Architects, who have managed to develop more than one living room design, take up the task, the client’s enthusiasm will know no bounds.
The space of the central room in a house or apartment allows you to easily implement any, even the most daring ideas, using various design techniques and architectural forms for this. There are many great techniques in the arsenal of our specialists. Interior design, unique living room design in Lviv, Kyiv, and Ivano-Frankivsk, as well as cooperation with companies throughout Ukraine – this is the main principle of success of the NVB Arhitects studio.

Living room design for country houses

In a large house or country cottage, the living room is a spacious room that can be easily improved by dividing it into functional zones. In this way, you can get a space in which a place for receiving guests and watching TV, a dining room, or even a library will be successfully combined. Family photos hung on the wall or arranged on shelves will look extremely cozy. But it is better to order frames of the same type, the shade of which will harmonize with the color scheme of the entire room.

Living room design in the house by professionals

You can develop the design of the living room yourself using drawings and pictures from the Internet. But, still, it is better to entrust this responsible matter to a specialist. A person with experience will be able to create a unique, original interior, taking into account all the wishes of the client, and the functional capabilities of the room.
Unlike the design of the living room in the apartment, there is enough space for imagination. Modern technologies and many years of experience allow specialists from NVB Architects to create miracles and transform even unremarkable premises into something stylish and unsurpassed. You can view the list of the company’s already completed works on the photos collected on the website.

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