Kitchen design

The interior design of the kitchen is as important as the design of any other room in the house. It is the kitchen that is considered the heart of every home because here a magical action takes place: you turn ordinary products into a culinary masterpiece. And in order for the cooking process to bring pleasure to the owner of the house, the design of the kitchen space must be thought out as diligently as possible.


Kitchen design

Every Ukrainian hostess will agree that the space for cooking should be not only beautiful but also comfortable. The presence of cabinets for dishes, built-in household appliances, and all sorts of kitchen utensils are considered a pledge of calm nerves and delicious food. Therefore, when developing a kitchen design in a house, first of all, you should pay attention to the availability of essentials. Not everyone can combine maximum functionality with minimum room space, so it is better to entrust this task to professionals.

Kitchen interior design

We all know that before embarking on the modernization of the kitchen, everything should be carefully thought out, and every detail should be foreseen. And no one will do it better than the designers of the NVB Architects studio, who have been successfully designing kitchens in apartments and transforming any other premises for several years now.

When arranging the kitchen space, the professionals of the company, first of all, pay attention to the following:

  • functionality: a modern kitchen is impossible without the fullness of household appliances, utensils, and other useful attributes;
  • practicality: nothing superfluous – this is the main rule of successful kitchen design in Lviv or another city;
  • comfort: nothing can be done without it; family photos in frames, carefully hung on the wall, can complete the interior.

Small and large kitchen design

Depending on the area of ​​your kitchen space, designers offer several techniques to make it functional and not visually cluttered.

Small kitchen

Upper cabinets in small kitchens should always be made as high to reach the ceiling. Without such a gap in space, the design of a small kitchen looks monolithic and the furniture is not perceived as boxes hanging on the wall. This way, there will be no question of masking the ventilation pipe from the hood, and dust and grease will not accumulate.

Stylish design is achieved by competent planning, selection of materials, furniture, and appliances and does not depend on the size of your kitchen.

Large kitchen

There are no restrictions on how to arrange furniture. Only the budget can limit your flight of imagination.

An interesting solution now is the use of a bar counter and high stools to it, as a partition between the kitchen area and the dining room. This choice of separation of zones looks modern, harmonious, and visually does not steal space from the room. The cost of a rack and chairs can be different, the main thing is to decide on the sizes and material from which this furniture will be made.

Modern dining room design

To achieve maximum comfort, the kitchen space can be divided into the following zones.

Work area

Here should be located: a sink, a hob, an oven, and furniture on which the main part of the cooking work is performed. The materials used in the design of this zone should be easy to clean and not be exposed to moisture and heat, so it is better to order a strong countertop and furniture made of natural wood.

Eating area

Here is the dining table. If space permits, the eating area can be moved to another room, such as the living room. The design of the dining room should correspond to the general stylistic decision of the room.

Storage area for kitchen utensils and food supplies

Convenient drawers and shelving are the best options for this. As a rule, separate barns are used to store supplies, but only owners of large housing can afford such a luxury. In small apartments, you will have to work with minimal space, and our professionals will make it as functional as possible.

Kitchen design in an apartment and a private house

We don’t know if you own an apartment or a mansion, and in many homes, the kitchen is designed in a relatively typical way. But every owner, no matter what kind of kitchen layout he/she has, wants to embody their own ideas in this space.

Kitchen in the apartment

The main task of designers is always the preservation of space and light. The first thing to do before starting repairs is to choose the right shape for the headset. The main thing is to take into account not only the quadrature of the kitchen but also its shape.

If the area of ​​the kitchen in the apartment is more than 10 m2, then the direct shape of the headset is not so convenient. And all because the perimeter of the so-called working triangle in it is the longest. The work triangle is a triangle invisible to the eye, the vertices of which are located at such points as the refrigerator, sink and tile. The cooking process itself will take you longer if the sides of this triangle are too long.

If the kitchen is small in quadrature, no more than 8 m2, then the shape of the headset does not matter. And in all variants of forms, the working triangle itself will be minimal. The interior of such kitchens creates another problem: how to fit everything you need to store and cook food in its area. Ideas and advice from NVB Architects-Studio will help you decide on the optimal design of your kitchen, no matter what size it is.

Kitchen in a private house

What are the features of the kitchen in a private house:

  • In private houses, the kitchen usually has more than one window, which gives this room additional light and a sense of space;
  • You can choose where the work area is located;
  • If the kitchen in your house is large enough, then it makes sense to consider a place for the dining room;
  • In the case of an atypical layout of the room, designers will help you beat it in such a way as emphasize your style and taste, but at the same time take care of all the details regarding functionality.

A large kitchen can have a non-standard shape, be a cold corner room, or belong to a guest room or living room – all these nuances greatly influence the choice of furniture configuration, but NVB Architects-Studio designers know how to help you in any situation.

Price of kitchen design in Lviv

Modern kitchen design includes many unusual ideas and original design solutions. But they all come down to one thing – the room should be stylish, comfortable, and functional. In addition, this room should include high technology. There are no problems with this, because modern technology looks great in combination with different designs, and can also be of a hidden type (this option is more expensive).

As for the furniture, it is selected taking into account ergonomics and aesthetics, regardless of whether the kitchen is small or large. After all, even in a room of 4-8 square meters, you can easily place all kitchen utensils with the help of retractable structures with silent opening mechanisms.

The design price always depends on many nuances: the area of ​​​​the room, the amount of equipment, furniture, as well as the use of some handmade furniture and decor elements.

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