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The correct design of the corridor of an apartment is something that many owners of both small-sized housing and spacious houses think about. What should be done so that these unremarkable narrow rooms play with new colors and become an interesting part of the living space?


Design of corridors in small apartments

The interior design of the corridor, or rather, its organization, for many reasons, is quite a troublesome task. It is better to start the design of this room with the selection of a color scheme. In most cities of Ukraine, such as, for example, Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Lviv, residential buildings are made according to a single type prevail. The layout of the apartments in these houses is not entirely successful and with a non-optimal square. As a rule, light shades are chosen for small and narrow corridors in order to maximize and enlarge the room visually. But if you have a spacious enough corridor, you can use rich colors to decorate the walls. It is better to leave the ceiling light so that the design of the apartment does not crush an excess of elements.

Geometric elements will help completely transform the space. It is better to avoid small and colorful patterns, but the strip on the walls and flooring is welcome. It should be remembered that horizontal stripes will visually lower the ceiling, and with vertical rooms, on the contrary, it will look higher.

Design of a corridor in an apartment or house

An excellent option for a complete transformation of the corridor can be its division into zones or fragments. For this, different panels, cornices, and moldings are used. Any scenery will look great in combination with well-chosen lighting.

The design of corridors with a division into zones is a rather complicated matter. To implement it, tiles of different types are laid on the floor, different wall decor is used. One of the options – dividing the room into two with the appropriate interior design. Decorative partitions and arches can help in this transformation, photos of which you can find on our website.

In addition, you can change the purpose of the corridor itself. An interesting option would be to transform it into a library. To do this, you just need to order special racks for books, given the size of the room. Such racks can serve not only as storage for books but also as an excellent stand for family photos, figurines, and other things that give the home comfort.

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The main feature of the corridor is the absence of windows in it. This gives designers the opportunity to work on them, bringing to life the most original ideas of the owners. The main requirement is only to observe the appropriate color scheme, which will not allow the room to look narrow. Moreover, an uninteresting long corridor can be turned into part of the living room, thus expanding the space. And in private houses with large corridors, you can think of a separate dressing room for winter things and shoes that are waiting for the corresponding season.

The small area and the lack of daylight are the main reasons why the corridor remains one of the darkest areas of the apartment. To avoid the effect of a closet and tightness, the following recommendations should be followed in the design of the hallway:

  1. It is better to give preference to shades with a large admixture of white. The ideal choice is pastel colors, as well as spring-summer colors.
  2. Mirror surfaces are a universal way to deepen the space, and in the corridor, it will be an indispensable interior detail. The best solution would be a full-length mirror, which can be placed both on the wall and on the front of the wardrobe.
  3. Perspective wall murals can create the illusion of extra volume or illuminate a hallway by imitating the rays of the sun breaking through the pattern.
  4. Geometric balance in the hallway is a must because there are many large elements in a compact area. The horizontal lines of a chest of drawers, a shoe rack and a pouf will help to harmoniously complement the pronounced vertical of the door, mirrors, and wardrobe.

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