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The bedroom is considered a special place to relax and sleep for a reason. Here the most important are the comfort and convenience of all elements of decor and furniture. Decorate your bedroom in such a way that staying in it helps you relax. There is no need for bright accents or fancy decorations, but only a harmonious combination of color and style. You can get acquainted with excellent examples of bedroom design on our website, as well as learn more about the design features of this type of room.


Design for the bedroom – the style of personal space

Bedrooms are divided into the following types:

  • an isolated bedroom with its own bath and toilet;
  • guest bedroom with attached guest bathroom;
  • children’s bedroom.

The first type is an isolated room in an apartment or house. The design for the bedroom can be done in any way, without being tied to the style of the entire interior. The bath and toilet attached to the room are always combined. Such a decision allows the owners of the house to get space only for themselves, therefore it is very relevant for those who live together with children or a large family in one living space.

A guest bedroom with an attached bathroom is a great solution that will allow your guests to feel at home. Thanks to the presence of such a room, visitors will not have to wander through the corridors at night in search of a bathroom, besides, they will feel relaxed in someone else’s territory.

A children’s room is a room that belongs only to a child. Today it is fashionable to make a special design of such bedrooms, and Lviv is among those cities where you can order this service. Own room is the dream of every child because it is the personal space in which the foundation for future success in life is laid.

The best bedroom design

Whether your room is small or large, your favorite decor style is formal or casual, or you love the latest design trends, the bedroom should be your favorite room in the house. This is where you can relax and feel at ease and comfortable.

Reception, when the wall at the head of the bed is decorated with some kind of image with a perspective, as a rule, is used in small rooms. But it is also justified in cases where it is necessary to balance a sufficiently saturated and dark shade of the walls. But despite the size, one of the most popular trends in design and decor today is minimalism.

Minimalist designs don’t mean your bedroom will have nothing but a bed and a closet. This style can combine both high-tech with shades of metal and all sorts of novelties in design, and ethnicity, which is based on closeness to nature. Here, the emphasis is on small bright details, like decorative pillows on the bed, an interesting flowerpot on the nightstand, or a picture on the wall. The main thing is the observance of unobtrusiveness in the color scheme of the design.

Next, you should think about the functionality of the interior – whether you want to allocate storage space in the bedroom – and also consider the format of the bed. Do not forget about the possibilities of natural light: if it is not enough, you need to provide comfortable lighting scenarios.

NVB provides a full range of design services. On our website, you will find photos of completed projects. It doesn’t matter which city you live in – Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv or any other, because we work throughout Ukraine. Contact us and you will have the perfect bedroom!

Bedroom zoning

In order to separate one or more zones in your bedroom, you should first discuss which sections you want to have with the designer. Some people, for example, want to organize work and/or relaxation zone in their room. Of course, you can do both in your bedroom, but it all depends on the size of the room.

With the help of oversized aluminum structures or erected plasterboard walls, you can create a special niche in the wall that will serve as your office, that is, a work area. Here you can place a table, a chair, a work computer, books, and any attributes that will help you do your job. If you want complete isolation, then such a structure can be fenced off with a curtain made of thick fabric, which will serve as something like a door.

In a spacious bedroom, you can use a bookcase to separate the sleeping area from the rest area, or even the living room. This option looks harmonious in apartments of any style and adds coziness to the home.

In recent years, it has become popular to create a bathroom (usually combined with a toilet) in large bedrooms. This interesting option should be made of special glass, which can become opaque when a certain mode is turned on. Thanks to the transparency of the “walls”, you do not lose the sense of space in your bedroom and there is no lack of daylight.

Order bedroom design in Lviv

The bedroom, like any other room in your home, should be neat and organized. NVB Architects-Studio will help you competently organize the space of a room in Lviv. We help achieve maximum comfort even in bedrooms with small square footage using built-in interior details and transforming furniture. The main rule of a comfortable and cozy bedroom is not to pile it up with unnecessary decorations or furniture. And you can familiarize yourself with the work of our team on our website.

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