Bathroom design

The bathroom has ceased to be an exclusively practical room – recently it has acquired a completely new, atypical functionality. What are the current trends in bathroom design in Ukraine? Using current-facing materials and modern sanitary ware, you can create not just a room, but a true masterpiece of design art.


Design of bathroom is a modern direction of art

If there is free space in the apartment, the bathroom can easily be transformed from an ordinary plumbing unit into a room with a mini-bath or a small pool. Spacious rooms allow you to place not only the usual elements, such as a shower cabin but also a washing machine and several separate sinks. It is not surprising that the design of bathrooms is a huge space for creativity. Some homeowners prefer to order a separate shower for animals, while other owners equip the bathroom with a full-fledged spa salon. But the main purpose of the bathroom remains water treatments, so a lot of attention is paid to the functional elements of the room, that is, the shower cabin, bathroom, and other elements.

Bathroom design is a very popular service in Kyiv and other cities. When planning a reorganization or arrangement from scratch, it is necessary to decide on the color scheme of the room. Choosing color solutions for the room means actually solving a large part of the issues before implementing the project. Many people prefer the usual light painting, others want to move away from everyday options in favor of an interior in muted tones. Someone experiments, choosing juicy shades and amazing shapes. One way or another, you will get a bathroom, the design of which will be unique.

Bathroom design is the realization of your ideas

Designing this room can become a source of realization of your desires and bold creative ideas. A great option is the contrast of warm wood tones and frosty blue tiles for decorating the space inside the shower cabin. The use of different types of lighting provides an additional effect. Such unusual color solutions can change the established views on what the interior design of the bathroom should be.
The bath will look attractive due to the mixing of warm, gentle tones of different depths.

If the wall lamps are placed in an original way, a positive atmosphere will be created in the room. What could be better than starting a new day in such a spiritual atmosphere? A charge of cheerfulness and optimism for the whole day is guaranteed.
The NVB company will design a unique bathroom for you. We offer to see photos of examples of our work. The main office is in Lviv, but for us, there are no borders – you can apply from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, and other cities of the country.

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